Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Rainy Weekend in Boston - Part I - Chinatown

Things have been a little hectic lately, life seems to be going way too fast. Can't believe its almost august, in no time it will be Fall and then Christmas. I wish I had more time in the day, time to read a few more books, time to have glorious picnics in the park, spend more time with friends ....the point is - life, I think is just going to get busier and not slower, well, at least for the next 20-30 years, which I think considering the alternative is not too bad :)!

I've always wanted to travel, wanted to go to places I hadn't been before, talk to people I hadn't met before and try food I hadn't tasted before. I spent a rainy weekend in Boston late this June and haven't had a chance since then to blog about the food and travels. Boston - I thought was wonderful, the people were friendly - even in the crabby weather, and were patient in helping a first timer to Boston with directions.

For a foodie - Boston is a mecca, there is so much to eat and most of it is delicious, I would definetely recommend going to Chinatown - this part of Boston is so different, reminds me of Devon Street in Chicago which bears some similarity to streets in India, - narrow, bustling streets with delicious aromas wafting in the air, tantalizing displays of food - roasted ducks and chicken hanging in the window, ready to be sliced thin and stir fried with bamboo shoots and green beans.



With humidity on the rise, we decided to take a little break and stop at the 'Bao Bao Bakery and Cafe' - this place is tiny - one side of the store is lined with shelves displaying cakes, pastries and buns and a few tables for people who wanted to stop and have a bite. Most of the customers seemed to come in for a few minutes and make a quick pick-up. The desserts looked beautiful, more like works of art, with pretty colors and decorations. Since we were heading out to get lunch in a little while, we decided to share a slice of Black Forest Cake, which unfortunately was a dissapointment, the sponge cake was as dry as cardboard and hardly had any flavour :(.





The store had a huge selection of Bubble Tea listed as Dragon Pearl, deciding to be brave one more time, I ordered Dragon Pearl Lichee with no Tea -just the Lichee flavoured sweet syrup- the Bubble Tea came with a thick straw and black tapioca 'pearls' at the bottom - this drink was amazing ! Very refreshing and I liked the texture of the tapioca - I am hooked ! so all in all we were even with 'Bao Bao' - one thumbs down and one thumbs up !


Lunch was Dim-Sum at 'Chau Chow City' - a restaurant famous for its dim-sum, people had no problems helping us get to the restaurant once we told them the name, the dim-sum was amazing, fast, delicious and cheap ! I was way too famished to take any pictures inside Chau Chow of the women pushing carts and stopping at every table and handing over bamboo steamers laden with dim sum - stuffed with pork, chicken, shrimp and with bean paste. The place was packed with families and large groups of people stopping by for seemed like traditional sunday lunch. I had a wonderful time and after spending some more time in Chinatown, left the busy streets to explore a little more of Boston.