Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Rainbow Cake

Baking is something that I find relaxing, it is not something that you do when you're rushed, just slowing down to read the recipe, measuring the ingredients, following the steps in the recipe, requires you to unwind. I enjoy baking, when you put the lil' cake pans in the oven and set and timer, and lo and behold in a little while..beautiful ...perfectly risen cakes !!

I enrolled in the Wilton Cake Decorating Course (one thing to cross of my list of things to do!!) and am having a great time in the class. I highly recommend it.


For our first cake, we started with off with something relatively simple, mostly stars (tip 16). It is amazing how much skill and patience is needed to have a perfectly smooth frosted cake with no crumbs showing through, just to start with. I'll get there ...:).


This was a simple 8-inch two-layer white cake, that is frosted with a pale blue frosting - for the sky as a base for the rainbow. I used wilton pastel colors for my rainbow - made with stars(tip 16).


I definetely had fun with this first class. All the frosting is from the wilton buttercream recipe, it is incredible the amount of frosting you go through ...even for a simple cake ! The key, I think would be to prepare the frosting a week or so ahead of time, before decorating the cake, to spend one evening preparing the frosting in all the consistencies needed for the cake and freezing it. There are so many cool ideas out there, on the web and in books, cute character pans - from 'raggedy ann' to 'lil nemo' and from elaborate wedding cakes dressed up in stunning flowers and lace to adorable cupcakes.

The inspiration can be virtually anything, from the beach to the flowers in your yard, to fashion accessories. In the end, it is a sweet and delicious gesture to bake a cake for family and friends that you care for.